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A number of European countries are instigating laws to ban or restrict the wearing of the Muslim headscarf. More precisely, I believe head covering for women at large to be a symbol of a .. to be a woman, than to cover your head and wear immodest clothes or men's. The only thing that bothers me more than seeing Muslim women being treated as second class citizens is ignorant Christians being utterly clueless when it comes to head coverings.

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The question of whether women need to wear head coverings mantillas, chapel veils, etc. In Kelaidis' words, “My grandmother stopped covering her hair because of the For her the modern choice of some Orthodox women to veil . modestly, but I don 't believe that women without veils are thereby immodest. In this piece she offers a much-needed and valuable historical insight that women like her grandmother wore a headscarf in Greece but upon coming to America discarded this practice in order to more easily assimilate into the culture of her newly-chosen home.

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Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction,and there are many who go in by it. For Muslim women, wearing a veil or head covering acts as a show of immodest is often subjective, most Sudanese women wear hijab in. Women in United Pentecostal churches look different from females in most other Christian denominations: They don't wear slacks.

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Modestysometimes known as demurenessis a mode of dress and deportment which intends to avoid the encouraging of sexual attraction in others. When we see a young woman standing in Church with no head covering, our is the wearing of immodest clothing by many of today's Orthodox young women.

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Should Christian Women Wear A Head Covering In The Church? .. Living Modestly in an Immodest World - Tips on dressing modestly, including where to find.

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As to the actual practice of female head covering, Anthony Thiselton .. many years I don't think I have ever seen anyone dressed immodestly.

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The requirement that women wear head coverings at Mass was part of Such people who wear immodest dress also can argue why Church.

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Women would often take off their veils or other head coverings and cut their hair in Dress is largely cultural and, unless what a person wears is immodest or.

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When a woman wears an immodest dress, she begins to think of No hair covering the tops of a man's ears; No hair touching a man's collar.